Safety & Environment

Safety Policy

Monster Industries is dedicated to having a management system in place that not only conforms to legislative and client requirements, but will also be utilized by management and employees as a standard for making safe, educated decisions in all daily activities. Our safety program is focused on protecting our employee’s and ensuring that everyone understands their rights, roles and responsibilities.

Management at Monster Ind. is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, subcontractors and visitors, and promoting positive, safe attitudes. Employees and contractors at all levels of the organization must be aware of their individual safety responsibilities. Responsibilities will be referred to in new employee indoctrination, during in-house training, facility tours, program audits and during performance reviews. Management must ensure that employees and contractors are aware of their responsibilities by continuously reinforcing performance requirements. Management will lead by example and will strive to motivate everyone’s participation in the occupational health and safety program.

Management at Monster Industries recognizes the rights of employees to work in a safe and healthy environment. Employee feedback is necessary for making the safety program more efficient, more effective and easier to use for everyone. Everyone at Monster Industries, management, supervision and workers, have the responsibility to ensure that the goals of the program are met and exceeded.

All employees are accountable to perform their duties in a safe manner and to follow safe work procedures. Every employee is expected to report and assist in correcting unsafe conditions and activities, to work collectively toward the prevention of accidents and improvement of the safety program.

A great program benefits all our people. Our collective goal is to continue to reduce our current incident rates by reporting near misses and preventing accidents from happening in the first place.

Safety Authority    Canadian Welding Bureau    BCCA - British Columbia Construction Association North    BCCSA - COR


Environmental Policy

Management at Monster Industries is committed to ensuring our business is conducted in an environmentally safe manner, which enhances the security of our employees, public and customers. We meet or exceed all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards pertaining to industrial construction, fabrication, storage, handling, distribution, transportation and required disposal. Employees are trained as required by Federal, Provincial and local laws/regulations, and are encouraged to identify and propose solutions to environmental challenges. Relevant information will be communicated to our employees, public, customers, and Government. Reporting and containment of environmental incidents will be undertaken in a timely manner.




We take safety and the environment seriously at MONSTER.

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