Energy Plants

Monster has worked on a number of large energy projects, each with substantial fabrication and mechanical aspects of the job. We are capable of developing and executing all documentation on large mechanical installations and rebuilds, such as FME programs, QA programs and QC programs.

Steam Turbine Overhaul

Conifex Power Ltd.

Completed January 2015

Monster Industries provided all mechanical support for the major over haul of a 32 Megawatt Turbine. The lube oil system had failed on the unit and the bearings had scrubbed the turbine shaft as well as gear box and generator. Monster Industries had to remove and reinstall the Generator Rotor, Turbine Rotor and high speed and low speed gears out of the Gear Box.

Monster manufactured:

  • Dresser Rand Steam Turbine
  • Lufkin Gear Box
  • Brush Generator

Scope of Work:

  • Development and implementation of a Foreign Material Exclusion Program
  • Full mechanical support with supervision to coordinate with vendor representation
  • All specialty tooling and testing for warranty purposes
  • All rigging and crane services needed to remove the 20 ton rotor assembly and miscellaneous components
  • All safety Practices, QA/QC and implementation
  • Recommission and assist with startup of plant

Conifex Power Ltd. - Steam Turbine Overhaul

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